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Project 70®+ PDB® stainless

Carpenter’s Project 70+ PDB stainless delivers the straightness and properties to help you optimize your CNC Swiss-style screw machine operations. These next-generation stainless machining bars can deliver the productivity and efficiency that you need to help make your business a success.Project 70+ PDB stainless is drawn to ASTM half standard or ISO h9 tolerances and chamfered at both ends. With five grades in seven nominal diameters, we are ready to give your CNC Swiss-style machines the precision they need to stay on target.

  • Project 70+ PDB Type 303 stainless
  • Project 70+ PDB Type 304/304L stainless
  • Project 70+ PDB Type 316/316L stainless
  • Project 70+ PDB Type 416 stainless
  • Project 70+ PDB Custom 630 (17Cr-4Ni) stainless

The attributes of Carpenter’s precision drawn bar are to enhance your machining operations and increase productivity by providing:

  • Minimal ‘out of round’ condition for improved part tolerance control
  • Chamfered on both ends to facilitate bar feeding
  • Improved OD tolerances for consistent size along the entire bar length
  • Improved straightness for accurate bar feeds and enhanced productivity
  • Distinct packaging, directly off the line – to ensure minimal handling
  • One heat per box or master pack (6 boxes) – to provide consistency from bar-to-bar

Your order of Project 70+ PDB stainless arrives in standard 144” lengths and packaged in customer-friendly boxed quantities. Shipping is to the 48 contiguous states and Canada.

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Project 70+ PDB Brochure

Nominal Diameter

  • 0.2500” rd.
  • 0.3125” rd.
  • 0.3750” rd.
  • 0.4375” rd.
  • 0.5000” rd.
  • 0.5625” rd.
  • 0.6250” rd.

OD Tolerance

  • +/-0.0005
  • +/-0.0007
  • +/-0.0007
  • +/-0.0008
  • +/-0.0008
  • +/-0.0008
  • +/-0.0008

Please ask about other sizes and requirements.


Approximate quantities & weights of a full box


Project 70 and PDB reg. U.S. Patent & Tm. Office to CRS Holdings, Inc., a subsidiary of Carpenter Technology Corporation.

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